Log in a WordPress user programmatically

Here is the function, drop it in your functions.php file:

Then, to log in a user, do the following:

Thanks evilsocket for the code!


WordPress tip: Add a custom message to the editing pane

Copy the following snippet and edit the message on line 5. Once done, paste it on your functions.php file and save

Thanks to WP Tuts for this great tip!


WordPress tip: How to get the first link in post

Put the function below in your functions.php file, then use it inside the loop in your template files.

Thanks to Filip Stefansson for the tip!


How to change author url base on your WordPress site

Pasting the following code on your functions.php file will change the default yoursite.com/author/name to yoursite.com/profile/name. Replace profile on line 4 by any slug you want.

Thanks to Kevin Chard for the cool tip!


WordPress tip: author bio excerpt

Let’s start by creating the function. The code below have to be pasted into your functions.php file.

Once done, you can use the function. To do so, use the code below where you’d like to display an author bio excerpt:

Thanks to Tim Marcher for submitting this recipe!


How to paginate WordPress like Dribbble

Just paste the code below on your single.php file, where you want to display the dribbble-like pagination:

Credit to  Elliott Richmond. Thanks!