XSitePro Designed Websites Don’t Have To Be Ugly!

Many XSitePro net entrepreneurs use the inbuilt XSitePro templates inside the XSitePro program and by no means discover past. This causes many web sites constructed with XSitepro to look comparable. Critics of XSitePro even check with the usual look because the “XSitePro look”. They are often describing the usual verdana font and sq. panel look.…


WordPress trick: load all posts from the current week

Simply paste the code below where you’d like to load posts from the current week. Then don’t forget to display the results as desired.

Thanks to Christian Brückner for the tip!


WordPress tip: Modify any role name to fit your needs

Simply paste this code into your function.php file. Edit lines 4 and 5 at your convenience.

Thanks to Kevin Chard for the tip!


WordPress tip: How to get the first link in post

Put the function below in your functions.php file, then use it inside the loop in your template files.

Thanks to Filip Stefansson for the tip!


WordPress tip: Force specific pages to be SSL secure

Just add the following snippet to the functions.php file of your WordPress theme and specify the post or page ID desired.

Thanks to Kevin Chard for this recipe! WpRecipes.com


WordPress tip: Email alert for 404s

To implement, simply include this script at the top of your theme’s 404.php file. If your theme don’t have a 404.php file, then create it.

Thanks to WP Mix for this useful snippet! WpRecipes.com