PHP Content Management System of Choice

Guest author Carrie Donalds goes through her perspective on WordPress, while I give you my take on this subject. There are many PHP content management systems out there, and we go through a few different perspectives.

WordPress is a popular publishing platform that was primarily used for blogging purposes. Part of the widespread popularity of WordPress was due to the ease of use and quick setup. Users didn’t have to have a background in website programming in order to create and install an online platform to share their thoughts with the world.

The Last Few Years: What a PHP Programmer Has Learned

Over the last few years I’ve become more familiar with multiple systems. I go over a few things that I’ve learned and the areas that I hope to improve upon over the next year.
Linux Terminal
Previously, I used the terminal through SSH when I needed to. But these times were limited to basic functionality. Recently I became more familiar in working with MySQL over the command line and creating PHP shell scripts. The advantages of running PHP through the shell are that you can use a program like Screen to run a PHP daemon script. This allows the PHP script to run infinitely, which is useful in some applications when you want to check for updates every xx seconds or minutes (in a sense, it is an upgrade in using cron jobs).

Advanced PHP Form Validation

Last year I wrote an article in how to implement basic validation for a form with PHP. I decided to re-look at this and improve what I did in that article. This time we are going to make a more advanced PHP form that is more responsive and effective.

This PHP sample code has many advantages over the previous article. Not only that, but for the most part it is easier to implement with more complexed forms where you need more than basic validation.

What does it mean to be an Advanced PHP Programmer?

On a previous post I had someone comment that they did not agree that the code implementation that was presented in the article was advanced (which was described in the title). They also claimed that I was not an advanced PHP programmer.

This made me think. Not because my programming skill or knowledge was challenged. But because I’m not sure what makes code or a programmer “advanced”. This article is meant to take a look at this from an analytical perspective. I’m less concerned about general labels, and more concerned in how to improve going things going forward.

Simplequiz #7: Pinterest

One of our readers commented on an article a while ago (I won’t tell you which one just now 😉 asking about marking up items on Pinterest. It struck me that this would be a prime candidate for a Simplequiz, so here we are.

Pinterest, for the uninitiated of you, allows you to organise and share things you love — mostly food, drink, and kittens.