The Pros and Cons of Using Ruby on Rails

What exactly is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails often referred to as RoR or Rails is commonly defined as an open source full-stack web application for use with Ruby, a general purpose programming language. As a full-stack framework, Rails empowers web developers to create applications and web pages, which query the database or display information obtained from the web server. The application also features a routing system, which operates independently from the web server. Some of the principles and development patters which are featured in Rails include MVC (Model-View-Controller), don’t repeat yourself, convention over configuration and active record pattern.

Taking Web Audio Offline in iOS 6 Safari

Playing cached audio for offline use on iOS Safari has long been a challenge that has proved to be mission impossible. But with the advent of the (WebKit-only) Web Audio API, it is now finally achievable — although you still need to jump through a few hoops.

The bad news is that you still can’t cache an MP3 file using Application Cache and then simply load it using an

. Safari on iOS 6 will cache the MP3 but then refuse to play it and fail silently (how useful!).

But all is not lost…

PHP Programming With Leadership

Until recently, I thought leadership was a gift that you either had or did not have. I still believe it is something you can learn and get better at, but I’m now realizing that leadership is something we all have to some capacity. In fact, to be a successful PHP programmer, you have to be a good leader.

When I think of leadership, I typically think of someone leading a group of people through a project or a task. But when you look at a good leader, their ability not only lies in how they manage others….but also how they manage their own time and productivity.

Review: Pro HTML5 Accessibility by Joshue O Connor

Pro HTML5 Accessibility is an exhaustive book. Author Joshue O Connor is senior accessibility consultant with National Council for the Blind of Ireland’s Centre for Inclusive Technology and a stalwart of many W3C working groups.

Don’t be afraid of the title. The book doesn’t assume that you’re a professional accessibility expert – quite the opposite; the first 100 pages don’t really deal with HTML5 at all, but survey the landscape of disability, assitive technologies and W3C WAI-ARIA. The last chapters of the book usefully survey testing methodologies and tools which will be invaluable to the lone developer told “oh, and it must be accessible/ DDA-/508-compliant, too”.

Memory for Random Generation Scripts

Python scripts can be used to create many things – shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings – and to do many things – to make the sea boiling hot, and give pigs some wings. You will perhaps want to randomly generate math problems, if you are a teacher, tutor, or designer of a Math Blaster game; you will perhaps want to randomly generate story ideas, if you are bored – ideas like Cowboy mummies battle psychic tigers in a post-apocalyptic Martian wasteland, only to find love in the most unexpected places, being of the form character(s) 1 verb character(s) 2 in setting, twist/theme and randomly selecting from a list of each type; you will perhaps want to encrypt a lot of files but each with a unique key.