How to setup different admin and theme languages on your WordPress blog

Simply set the desired locale (on line 6) then add the code to your functions.php file.

Thanks to wp-snippet for the cool tip!

WordPress Development: Bypassing the Settings API

The following is a guest post by Andy Walpole.

There are many parts of the WordPress API which are fantastic but there are also other parts which, I would argue, are lacking.

The Settings API was introduced in version 2.7 to allow the semi-automation of form creation. All credible Content Management Systems and frameworks have their own set of functions or classes for the same purpose. Drupal has a multitude of hooks which can be leveraged, while CodeIgniter uses a combination of the Form Validation Class and the Form Helper .

CSS & JS Auto-Refreshing with Live.js

I want to share a fantastic little tool that I’ve only recently come across; Live.js, written by Martin Kool.

This JavaScript file automatically checks for changes to your CSS and JavaScript files, and refreshes them.

That means you can have your text editor in one half of the screen, and a web browser in the other. When you save changes in the editor, the updates are reflected immediately in your browser. It really helps to speed up your development time.