Website Development Tips – Useful Information to Help You Develop A Beautiful Website

Website Development is the facet of web site design that offers with coding the positioning and creating the purposes that run on it. In in the present day’s linked on-line world web site growth is changing into extra essential than web site design as companies attempt to discover purposes that may appeal to customers to…

What is the Value of a Domain Name?

So, what is a domain name worth? The answer that I have to this question, largely goes against the mainstream conversation of valuating a domain. In fact, I don’t even think that the answer needs to be long and drawn out. It’s simple. Call it a cop out response, but the answer is simply: a domain name is worth any amount that a person is willing to pay for it.
Boring answer, but I feel it’s true. Sure, you can valuate an entire web site that the domain is attached to, and determine it’s approximate worth based on a number of parameters. For example, when determining the value of a web site, you can ask questions such as: what is it’s monthly ROI? How much time and energy needs to be expended to maintain that ROI? Is it trending in any specific direction? Is the content unique, allowing it a fair chance in Google organic search results? And so on…

Upgrading the Core WordPress Custom Menu Widget

In this article, I walk through upgrading the Custom Menu widget for WordPress to offer the ability to use the Menu Name as the Title for the menu, without the redundancy of having to retype it. I do not hack the core to make these changes. I add code to the functions.php file of a child theme. That code could also be included in a custom plugin if desired.
The good old Custom Menu widget that gets installed with the default WordPress install could use an upgrade wouldn’t you say?